About Me

Here is where I tell you I am amazing and you’ll never find a better editor. Both are subjective. But I am good at what I do. If you're looking for someone easy to work with who adheres to grammar rules, style guides and deadlines with voracity, I'm your editor. I don’t see dead people, but I do see things that others miss.

My path to editing started in university. There, friends would ask me to review their essays because they appreciated my keen eye and no-BS approach. Also, the price (free) was right for broke students. It didn’t occur to me then that editing was a professional option. After graduating with an honors degree in Sociology with a minor in French, I started studying communications at college and was instantly drawn to the printed word. I thought my future would be in journalism and, in a way, it has been. I soon advanced from reporter to assistant editor to managing editor at a west coast start-up lifestyle magazine. Concurrently, I was editing novels, screenplays and short stories in my free time.

Fast forward 15 years, I continue to thrive as a part-time managing editor with a part-time freelance editing business. I work with authors to help improve their manuscripts in both subtle and significant ways. I belong to two professional editors’ associations, where I pursue ongoing education to hone my skills.

What I’ve done in my past is one thing (it speaks to my experience), but what I can do for you is what really matters. I believe in try before you buy, so let’s go for a test drive. A free, short sample edit should help you determine if my style suits your needs. If you require an extended sample, my base rates apply. Contact me if you’d like to be added to my schedule.

Now, a bit about my personal life. I’ve recently taken up pencil sketching and watercolor painting. It has changed my perspective and sharpened my focus in a way I never thought possible. I’m delighted that despite all the years I’ve been on this planet, I can still appreciate its beauty with fresh eyes.

Finally, whether I'm wrangling words, annihilating art, toiling in our terrace garden or wandering in the woods, I'm constantly shadowed by our rescue mutt Magoo. He is the star of my Instagram page and a ceaseless source of giggles.

And who doesn’t love to laugh?

"Her passion for her profession and warm personality are a perfect balance to her expertise."

© 2018 by Bobbie Jo Reid

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