Manuscript Evaluation

Think of me as your beta reader—with chops. While a developmental edit will examine market viability for your manuscript, an evaluation examines storyline, character relatability, dialogue, pace, flow and potential problems. Let's face it, your mom's not going to tell you Chapter 7 jumps the shark and your main character is flat. I will. Gently. 

Line Editing

Line editing addresses the style and substance of each sentence and paragraph in your manuscript. This is my favorite part of the editing process as it speaks to the creativity, word choice, flow and musicality of your story. Is it clear? Is it captivating? Is it honest? Does it convey the emotion and atmosphere you're trying to drive home? Line editing is where we turn your words into magic!

Copy Editing

Copyediting tackles the mechanics of your writing. In a word—consistency. Sure, grammar, spelling and punctuation go without saying, but copyediting also ensures important elements don't run amok. This is where ambiguity gets fleshed out and factual details get nailed down. Copyediting requires an eye for detail and editorial judgment—I am armed with both.


Nothing undermines the confidence of readers faster than typos, spelling faux pas and grammar gaffes. Even the most proficient authors can miss the most egregious errors. The human mind is adept at filling in the blanks, especially when you’ve been immersed in a manuscript for months. Proofreading is your last line of protection before publication.


To determine my rates, I use EFA's rates as a jumping off point, combined with my years of experience. My base rate is US$45 per hour for editing and US$35 per hour for proofreading. If you'd like a quote on a per word or per page basis, please contact me.

The price I quote is the price you pay. I ask for 50% to commence your project and 50% upon completion and delivery. Let's chat:

2010 - present

MS Word with track changes is my preference. When I deliver your edited project, I will email you a marked-up copy and a clean copy. The Chicago Manual of Style is my go-to style guide, but I'm happy to adhere to any style guide you provide. I am adaptable to either US or UK spelling.


2010 - present

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