“For more than 20 years, my fiction and non-fiction projects have benefited from Bobbie Jo’s editorial expertise and professional acumen. Her unmatched skills as a copyeditor and proofreader—not to mention her uncanny instincts as a storyteller—have consistently brought out the best in my work. I wouldn’t publish a single word without her.”

–Mike Sheriff, Author of The Extinction Odyssey Series



“Bobbie Jo Reid is an editor par-excellence – professional, knowledgeable, prompt, eagle-eyed for spotting grammatical/context errors, and always amicable.  Her passion for her profession and warm personality are a perfect balance to her expertise.  Over the past nine years I have invariably found Bobbie Jo a pleasure to work with.”

–Irene Butler, Author & International Travel Writer



“I love editors. They provide a fresh perspective while correcting grammar and punctuation mistakes. Bobbie Jo excels on both fronts. She’s been my go-to person for the past four years. She’s fast, thorough and incisive and, more importantly, isn’t afraid to make corrections while respecting the tone, the intent and the style of the writer.”

–John Thomson, Freelance Journalist


"Bobbie Jo is an absolute joy to work with—kind, attentive, and has a great sense of humour (even when working under tight deadlines). She’s amazing at paying attention to the little details of my articles, yet still keeps the larger picture in mind when editing any piece I’ve written. She also considers my schedule, allowing me time to complete my best work. A writer’s best friend is a fantastic editor, and Bobbie Jo is about as fantastic as they come!"

–Callie Martin, Freelance Writer

“I have worked with Bobbie Jo since February 2011 and she has guided me through 18 features. Bobbie Jo has always been an effective editor, supportive and collegial. She has also been a consultative copyeditor, suggestive and communicative. I have worked for several editors and consider Bobbie Jo to be among the best.”

–James Ellsworth, Author & Freelance Writer


“As a freelance writer, I’ve been collaborating with Bobbie Jo for four years now. I’ve come to depend on her sharp editorial eye, while at the same time being mindful of not changing my writing style when she does make edits. Equally important, I appreciate that Bobbie Jo is quick to respond to my emails and never leaves me hanging. If you’re looking for a crackerjack editor who is professional, skilled, organized and efficient, Bobbie Jo should be your choice.”

–Kate Robertson, Freelance Writer


"Earlier this year, I had some 140,000 words that needed editing and proofreading. I contacted several people and had various replies and quotes. Now, despite Bobbie Jo Reid being thousands of miles away from me the in the UK, not to mention time zones, too, I found her to be quick in response, very informative as to the process, and nothing seemed too much trouble, despite my questions! It was the professionalism and attention to detail in these replies that made me choose Bobbie Jo to undertake my work. And what a job, too! Delivered within the timescale provided and no hidden extra costs. Thank you, Bobbie Jo!"

–Keith Bean, Non-Fiction Author

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